Potent Power

The.45 ACP cartridge, the first and still most popular 1911 chambering, is designed for maximum power. A.45 caliber cartridge in a semi-automatic pistol was required as a result of the mythology that a.38 revolver’s inability to stop fanatical Moro warriors in the Philippines. As far as carry/duty/self-defense handguns go, the.45 is at the top levels of potency. Its wide, heavy bullet may not provide the 19 one-shot stops out of 20 rounds that one of its biggest advocates promised back in the day, but no one denies that.

Thumb safety on the 1911 is more of a benefit than a flaw. The 1911 pistol must always be cocked and locked (also known as “Condition One”) due to tradition and practice. While some people worry that they won’t remember to thumb their safety off when they need to quickly draw and shoot, this simply doesn’t seem to happen, particularly with amateur users.

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